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Books by Jenifer Wood

Low-angst, high steam monster romance

Agnarr's Teacher by Jenifer Wood

Agnarr's Teacher

Abandoned on Niflheim

Piper wakes up to find she’s been abandoned on an alien planet of confused but well-meaning orkin. She flees in search of medicine to manage her chronic anxiety. Unbeknownst to her, Agnarr, a hulking orc from Niflheim follows, not only because he wants to protect her, but because he believes she is his fated mate.

Fenrick's Fate by Jenifer Wood

Fenrick's Fate

Abandoned on Niflheim

Tracy was just trying to rebuild her life when she was abducted by aliens and left on a strange planet. Fenrik is escaping an arranged marriage when he finds her in the snow, and can’t let her die. Will they be able to overcome their pasts to create a future together?

Agnarr's Jarlin by Jenifer Wood

Agnarr's Jarlin

Abandoned on Niflheim

Piper and Agnarr return to Fýrifírar, having accepted their mate bond. Thrust into the chaos of tribal politics, they must balance the assimilation of the abducted human women into the orkin society, while learning to live together as a mated pair.

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