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“You’re sure?” he rasped. “Because I can’t go easy on you, I want you too badly.”

“I want all of you, Agnarr. I never want you to hold back,” I gasped.

Agnarr's Jarlin

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  • Having accepted their mate bond, Piper and Agnarr are thrust into Niflheim's complex tribal politics. She and Agnarr are ready to lead the tribe, but the arrival of 12 human women has added unexpected challenges. While some orkin have willingly accepted the humans, others are prejudiced against them—and their new jarlin, too.

    While Piper worries about the new humans feeling welcome, Agnarr faces elders verbally attacking his new mate. Between political upheaval and the pressure to carve out a space in the tribe for the human women, Agnarr and Piper barely have time to sate their ravenous mating frenzy. Do they have what it takes to lead the tribe together while nurturing their new relationship?

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