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Agnarr's Teacher

Abandoned on Niflheim

Agnarr's Teacher

Piper was only expecting a delivery of toothbrushes—but instead, she was abducted by aliens. She’s soon dumped by her abductors, because her chronic anxiety made her a poor fit for their plans. She wakes up on Niflheim, a heavily forested planet that’s definitely not Earth.

Luckily, these big green aliens with tusks are friendly and well-meaning. One of these “orkin” in particular, a lumbersnack by the name of Agnarr, is certain he and Piper are “elska” mates, meant to be together. While Piper thinks Agnarr is nice to look at, she’s more concerned about getting her anxiety under control than taking a mate. The orkin have little experience with anxiety medication, though, and only a neighboring clan has an herb that could help, but Agnarr’s tribe insists on waiting out the passing snowstorm.

Piper is bound and determined to get what she needs, even if it means braving the wild and early snows alone. Can Agnarr get to her in time, or will Piper lose her way in Niflheim’s wintry forest?

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