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Steve's Barmaid

Abandoned on Niflheim

Steve's Barmaid

Steve is the only half-orc of his tribe, isolated up in the mountains of Niflheim. With his parents passing, he feels adrift and uncertain of his future in the tribe. He decides to venture to the other orkin tribes to make more sense of who he is and what he wants for his future. He knows that one of the other tribes has human women, but doesn’t want to place too much hope in finding his place amongst them.

Billie is finding her place as one of the abducted women in Fýrifírar. Having been a bartender back on Earth, she finds her work in the kitchens dull and unfulfilling. She is looking for her purpose in her new home when she finds the tribe has a long abandoned bar that they are willing to help restore to its former glory. When Steve arrives with a group of orkin from the isolated snow tribe and volunteers to help with the bar, neither Steve nor Billie can deny their growing attraction. They have to balance their own journeys of self-discovery to include a mate.

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